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Jongup Lunar New Year's Pin

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Image of Jongup Lunar New Year's Pin
  • Image of Jongup Lunar New Year's Pin

I really wanted to make a special pin for Lunar New Year's featuring a '95 liner, and as I was reading about Year of the Pig personality traits, I couldn't help thinking of Moon Jongup of B.A.P 😍 This pin is limited edition and will not return after it sells out. 🌙

-Hard Enamel
-Gold Plating
-Screenprinted details
-2 Back Posts

🐷🎆 All Jongup pins will come with scratch off fortune cards! If you get a winning card, send me a photo for a prize!! 💖

-Standard: No flaws that affect pins' overall appearance.
-B Grade: Minor defects noticable on closer inspection: stray glitter or paint, bubbles or light scratches in enamel, uneven fill, etc.
-Seconds: More obvious defects: multiples of defects listed in B Grade or things like missing enamel fill or dents.